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AATB would like to sincerely thank the organizations that have sponsored the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting. 

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Community Tissue Services offers physicians and their patients’ biologic allograft solutions. Our goal is to provide safe and efficacious allografts while seeking innovative biologic solutions for patients. Our state of the art Center for Tissue, Innovation and Research works to develop technologies to stimulate the biologic properties of allografts.

Learn more about Community Tissue Services at communitytissue.org


Medline is a healthcare company: manufacturer, distributor and solutions provider focused on improving the overall operating performance of healthcare. Medline works with both the country's largest healthcare systems and independent facilites across the continuum of care to provide the clinical and supply chain resources required for long-term financial viability in delivering high quality care. With the size of one of the country's largest companies and the agility to a family-owned buisness, Medline is able to invest in its customers for the long-term and rapidly respond with customized solutions. Headquartered in Northfield, Ill., Medline has 20,000+ employees worldwide and does business in more than 90 countries. 

Learn more about Medline at www.medline.com


VIVEX is focused on creating treatment options and creative solutions to advance clinical, surgical and therapeutic patient care. We have made significant progress in a short time, bringing together the brightest minds in the scientific community and from the orthopaedic and material science industries.

Learn more about VIVEX Biologics, Inc. at VIVEX.com

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Lifesharing: Lifesharing is one of the highest performing organ procurement organizations (OPOs) in the nation.    Based in San Diego, Lifesharing coordinates organ and tissue donation for a culturally diverse region along the U.S.-Mexico border in Southern California.   With the utmost compassion and care, Lifesharing saves lives and gives families the peace of knowing that their loved ones live on through the miracle of donation and transplantation.

Learn more about Lifesharing at lifesharing.org.

OneLegacy: OneLegacy is the organ, eye, tissue, and cell recovery agency serving the 20 million people of the Greater Los Angeles area with the mission of saving and healing lives through donation and transplantation; comforting the families we serve, and inspiring our communities to Donate Life. 

We envision a day when we fulfill the needs of donor families and all who require transplants for their health and well-being, and we commit ourselves to continuously improve the quality of our practices, performance, and service to our communities.

Learn more about OneLegacy at onelegacy.org.


CryoLife is one of the world’s leading medical device companies, providing preserved human tissues for cardiac and vascular surgeries, mechanical heart valves for aortic or mitral valve replacement, surgical  adhesives and sealants, vascular grafts, and state-of-the-art technology and surgical training in adult and pediatric cardiovascular surgery. CryoLife is a pioneer and leader in processing, preserving and distributing human tissues, for use in cardiac and vascular surgeries. Founded in 1984, CryoLife was the first biomedical company to specialize in low temperature preservation of human heart valves used for complex cardiac reconstruction, primarily in children born with heart defects. Since the company’s inception, it is estimated that Cryolife has received tissues from over 145,000 donors and CryoLife products and tissues have been implanted in over 1 million patients worldwide.

Learn more about CryoLife, Inc. at cryolife.com

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Grifols is a global healthcare company and a leader in transfusion medicine. As an experienced and trusted partner to blood banks and hospitaltransfusion centers, Grifols Diagnostic Solutions empowers its partners with a comprehensive transfusion medicine portfolio that simplifies laboratory operations from donor to recipient.

Learn more about Grifols at grifols.com



JRF Ortho specializes in providing orthopedic surgeons with the highest viability, most widely available cartilage solutions in the industry, helping patients regain movement and improve their quality of life. Our approach maximizes tissue safety and availability for elective procedures. Through innovation and commitment to clinical results and positive outcomes, JRF Ortho is redefining the standard for allograft joint repair and maximizing the gift of donation.

Learn more about JRF Ortho at jrfortho.org



MiMedx® is a biopharmaceutical company developing, manufacturing and marketing regenerative biologics utilizing human placental allografts for multiple sectors of healthcare. “Innovations in Regenerative Medicine” is the framework behind our mission to provide physicians with products and tissues to help the body heal itself.

We process human placental tissue utilizing our proprietary PURION® process methodology, among other processes, to produce safe and effective allografts by employing aseptic processing techniques in addition to terminal sterilization.

Learn more about MiMedx at mimedx.com


MTF Biologics is a global nonprofit organization on the forefront of saving and healing lives through innovations in tissue and organ donation, transplantation, and research.

To learn more about MTF Biologics please visit them at mtf.org.


RTI Donor Services is a not-for-profit organization that partners with tissue recovery organizations in acquiring donated tissue on behalf of RTI Surgical, with the goal of maximizing the gift of tissue donation to benefit recipients in need. RTI Surgical processes the tissue into high-quality surgical implants that improve patient lives around the globe. 

By working with RTI Donor Services, our recovery partners benefit from the science, safety and innovation of RTI Surgical. Our focus is on delivering a high level of service to our recovery partners and developing safe, innovative regenerative health solutions that improve lives and maximize the gift of tissue donation.  

Together, RTI Donor Services and RTI Surgical focus on investing in innovation to develop the next generation of tissue safety technologies and implants. From a small tissue bank at the University of Florida to a global surgical implant company with four world-class manufacturing facilities, RTI Surgical has a history of innovation. 

Today, RTI Surgical is a leading global surgical implant company providing surgeons with safe biologic, metal and synthetic implants. Committed to delivering a higher standard, RTI’s implants are used in sports medicine, general surgery, spine, orthopedic and trauma procedures and are distributed in nearly 50 countries.  

RTI has provided more than 8 million biologic implants processed through RTI’s proprietary sterilization processes with zero confirmed incidence of implant-associated infection.

Learn more about RTI Donor Services at rtix.com


Stability Biologics is an innovative, regenerative medicine company providing advanced biologic products for patient care and well being.

Stability Biologics is a leading manufacturer of superior human tissue products and distributes a large portfolio of products from DBM, Physio® to a full line of structural/traditional bone grafts as well as Amnion Sheets and Particulate.  All Stability products are aseptically processed, terminally sterilized and fully validated to ensure the highest quality, safety and effectiveness.

Learn more about Stability Biologics at stabilitybio.com.


Enabling nearly 75% of all tissue donation in the U.S. as well as in countries around the world, Transplant Connect’s iTransplant (iTx) Tissue Donor System is the most advanced and most-adopted software of its kind. Fully-Validated, iTx enables streamlined entry, management, analysis and communication of donor-tissue information in real-time. New AI-based analytics leverage the massive data in the iTx Platform to drive better decisions, quality and outcomes, and with so many organizations using iTransplant, we offer unmatched interface opportunities to automate real-time data sharing. Winner of the Microsoft Life Sciences Innovation Award, Transplant Connect is committed to ongoing R&D and innovation, like our breakthrough iReferral Engine – which automates donor identification and referral from Hospitals, Medical Examiners, Coroners and others into iTransplant.  Contact us today for a demonstration.

Learn more about Transplant Connect at transplant.com.

Silver Sponsors


A program of the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI), Autism BrainNet facilitates the collection and distribution of postmortem brain tissue to advance research on the neurobiological causes of autism and related neurodevelopmental conditions. 

Learn about Autism BrainNet at autismbrainnet.org


 Exsurco Medical designs and developed precision excision products for the tissue banking market and beyond.  Our company is founded on the passion to deliver results that help heal and save lives.  We are proud of our unique connection to the tissue community and the ability to serve patients in the burn care community and beyond through the “healing power of skin” by helping the gift of donation to go further. The Amalgatome MD® product, for recovery of split thickness tissue, has become the standard in both tissue banks and processors to recover allograft tissue due to:  + Ability to increase usable recovered allograft skin + Improved quality of the allograft (uniform thickness throughout graft) + Reduced user technical errors which led to defects in the graft + Decreased fatigue in the technician.

Learn more about Exsurco Medical at exsurco.com


ICCBBA is the not-for-profit, nongovernmental international standards organization responsible for the management and development of the ISBT 128 Standard. Used in more than 85 countries across six continents and disparate health care systems, ISBT 128 is the global standard for the terminology, identification, coding, and labeling of medical products of human origin including blood, cell, tissue, milk, and organ products. The Standard has been designed to ensure the highest levels of accuracy, safety, and efficiency for the benefit of donors and patients worldwide. 

Learn more about ICCBBA at ICCBBA.org.


LifeNet Health helps save lives, restore health and give hope to thousands of patients each year. We are a provider of organ, tissues and cell-based solutions for clinicians and researchers. From organ procurement to new innovations in bio-implant technologies—a leader in the field of regenerative medicine, while always honoring the donors and healthcare professionals that allow the healing process.

Learn more about LifeNet Health at lifenethealth.org


QualTex Laboratories is a subsidiary of nonprofit BioBridge Global that provides state-of-the-art testing services for blood and tissue banks, plasma centers and biotechnology companies locally and across the globe. With locations in Texas and Georgia, it is one of the nation’s largest independent nonprofit testing laboratories.

Learn more about Qualtex Laboratories at qualtexlabs.org.


Steri-Tek is a high-volume E-beam/X-Ray contract sterilizer and R&D innovation center with expertise in optimizing E-beam/X-Ray sterilization of allograft product.

Learn more about Steri-Tek at steri-tek.com.