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Birth Tissue Processing and Clinical Application

This presentation will review a high level summary of various birth tissue processing methods and clinical applications. 

Shabnam M. Namin, PhD, MBA, CTBS

Vice President of Research & Development

Dr. Namin is the Vice President of Research and Development for UMTB Biomedical, Inc. She is responsible for leading product development of all cell and tissue based products for the company. In addition, Dr. Namin is an important member of the commercialization team. Her main interest is the development of regenerative therapies focused around amniotic derived tissue products. As such, Dr. Namin has played an integral role in developing and commercializing the company’s amniotic tissue offerings.

Dr. Namin received her bachelors and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Florida International University.  She also received an MBA and MS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Miami. During her studies, Dr. Namin spent several years working in many different facets in the tissue engineering realm, focusing on the commercialization of cell and tissue based products. She has multiple publications and patents for her work on the development of these therapies. She is currently an active member of the Scientific & Technical Affairs Committee (STAC) for the American Association of Tissue Banks.  


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