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Embalming Practices: From Donation to Burial (Group)

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The Donate Life America Funeral Services Committee and the Funeral Liaisons from LifeSource will be presenting embalming and restorative techniques post tissue recovery. The session will include practical and innovative ideas on the care of a tissue donor and necessary supplies to provide to the funeral home. You will also learn the importance of surgical technique during the recovery and how it can impact the embalming process. This session aims to share the concerns of the funeral service partners and ways to improve the relationship through education, training, and support.

Melinda Van Waus, BS, CTBS

Prior to joining LifeSource in 2005, she received her Mortuary Science degree from the University of Minnesota and worked as a Mortician in MN. Melinda has worked in many areas of donation; tissue recovery, eye recovery, liaison to Funeral Service, Medical Examiner/Coroners, and Hospice agencies. She is additionally an active member of the Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota Funeral Director Associations; the Arrowhead Funeral Directors Association; Goal leader in the Funeral Service Donate Life Committee and is a Certified Tissue Bank Specialist.

As a licensed mortician, I am able to bring my background and knowledge into my everyday work at LifeSource, if that means supporting our partners in the preparation room or with donation education, I am able to support both sides of donation.

Kelley Romanowski, BS, CTBS

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Mortuary Science degree from the University of Minnesota, Kelley worked in a Twin Cities funeral home for nearly 11 years prior to joining the LifeSource Team. She also worked with our local transplant centers to facilitate donor organ transportation and became a Certified Tissue Bank Specialist. She continually attends education sessions and seeks out process improvement ideas in partnership with funeral director partners to better support the families we jointly serve.

Kelley is an active member of the Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota Funeral Director Associations, the Arrowhead Funeral Directors Association and leads a Funeral Home Advisory Board.


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