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Engaging Interdepartmental Cooperation With The Donor Family Services Team

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify opportunities for the Family Services department to cooperate with other departments in an organization.
  2. Present examples of interdepartmental cooperation between the Family Services department and other departments within various organizations.
  3. Encourage dialog around the topic of interdepartmental cooperation specifically with Family Services department and more broadly across an entire organization.

Charles White, MS, CTBS

Hospital Development Specialist

Charles is a graduate of Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary with a Master of Arts in Religion and a Master of Sacred Theology where he focused on American Religion and Culture. He has previously served as a Family Advocate and the Religious Affairs Coordinator for Southeast Tissue Alliance. Charles currently serves as a Hospital Development Coordinator for HonorBridge, formerly Carolina Donor Services, where he focuses on rural and smaller urban hospitals. Charles has worked in the tissue banking and OPO industries for 19 years.

On a more personal note, Charles' mother was a tissue donor early in his tissue banking career. Charles serves as a chaplain for his local Cub Scout pack and is a published fiction author.

Heather Hoog, CTBS

Donation Program Manager

Heather Hoog is the Donation Program Manager at the Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and Research in Tampa, Florida. She manages a team that serve as donation educators and liaisons between the Lions Eye Institute ocular and musculoskeletal recovery teams, administration and the partner facilities. Heather and her team partner with 4 different Organ Procurement Organizations, over 200 medical centers, 25 medical examiner and coroner offices, numerous hospice and funeral home directors in multiple states. During the merger of RTI Donor Services and Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and Research in 2018, Heather was instrumental in combining two large Florida-based non-profits tissue banks with a seamless continuum of service. Previously, Heather was a career firefighter paramedic, team member on multiple international medical and malnutrition clinics and got her start as a CTBS certified recovery technician for Southeast Tissue Alliance, Regenerative Biologics and RTI Donor Services. Heather's valued leadership style focuses on flexible communication with an emphasis on self-awareness. Credibility and the cultivation of relationships are earned through trust and respect - remain open to new ideas, inquiry, and constructive criticism. She believes an organization that values self-awareness gains the most respect amongst the community.


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