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Liquid Handling Technology: A More Efficient qPCR Preparation for COVID-19 Testing (Group)

•                COVID-19 and the global need for efficient testing

•                Using the I-DOT for noncontact low-volume liquid handling

•                How the I-DOT can help with COVID-19 qPCR testing?

•                Other I-DOT application

Indira V. Chivukula, Ph.D.

Indira V. Chivukula is a liquid handling/bioprocessing Field Application Scientist at CELLINK, a leading bio-convergence company. She joined CELLINK in 2020 after completing her post-doctoral research using single-cell RNA-sequencing at the Karolinska Institutet/AstraZeneca Integrated Cardio Metabolic Centre. Indira has worked in academia and industry on 3 continents, investigating breast cancer biology, 3D organoid models, and cell-based assay development. She received her BS in Biology from The Ohio State University and her PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from Karolinska Institutet.


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