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Sample Collection, Defining Sample Sets, and the Use of Sampling Plan Data to Measure Outcomes

Sampling plans are widely used for acceptance activities for materials, components, and finished goods during in-coming, in-process, or final inspections. 

Often, acceptance sampling plans are not based on statistically valid rationale, linked to risk, are inadequate for their intended use resulting in the acceptance of materials, components, or finished goods that do not meet acceptance criteria resulting in scrap, rework, complaints, recalls, and compliance scrutiny.

This webinar will explain the requirements for acceptance sampling, how sampling plans work, the correct use of sampling plans, various sampling strategies, understand the linkage to risk, and the applications of sampling plans.

Mark Durivage, RAC, CQA, CTBS

Mark Allen Durivage has worked as a practitioner, educator, consultant, and author. He is Managing Principal Consultant at Quality Systems Compliance LLC, an ASQ Fellow, and holds several certifications including; CTBS, RAC, and CQA He has written several books available through ASQ Quality Press, and written articles in Quality Magazine, Quality Progress, GxP Lifeline,  and Life Science Connect.


Sampling Plans
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