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Andy Tomin, BS

Andy Tomin, BS

Quality Assurance Officer, Hospital for Special Surgery , New York City, New York

Andy Tomin has over 17 years of experience in orthopedic research related to osteoinductive factors, osteoconductive matrices, and osteogenic cells with proficient knowledge and understanding of the principles of orthopedic tissue regeneration. Mr. Tomin has been the Operating Room Quality Assurance Manager of the Hospital for Special Surgery, of New York, New York since 2004 and serves to maintain the hospital’s biologics and graft substitutes. During this time, Mr. Tomin has published 19 peer-reviewed articles in orthopedic journals, facilitate hundreds of allograft transplants and developed the largest osteochondral allograft program in the United States.

Mr. Tomin has served in scientific roles for over 20 years before taking his current role and holds a  Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Faculty of Science from Ege University, Izmir, Turkey.

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