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Joshua Hannan

Joshua Hannan

I grew up in Southern California with a very active childhood playing nearly every sport. Eventually going to college for track and cross country, I always knew I was going to pursue a career in sports medicine and decided on becoming a Physician Assistant. During graduate school, I wanted to learn more about future cartilage treatments and chose the topic for my Senior Thesis Research Paper. After working with a large sports medicine practice treating college and professional athletes in Florida I chose to come to Kaiser Permanente. I also teach our future PA’s as a preceptor and lecture at all grade levels to help educate students about Anatomy and Sports medicine.

My personal experience as a former collegiate athlete that pursued a career in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine that includes having an osteochondral allograft surgery. After 10 years of working with athletes and assisting in thousands of knee surgeries, I suffered my own devastating knee injury in 2018. Luckily, I was able to pursue one of the latest surgical treatments and have one of the top surgeons in my network available to help. Three years later I am literally climbing mountains, running road races, and back to an active lifestyle.

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