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Tamara Smolic

Tamara Smolic

Tamara Smolic is the Birth Tissue Coordinator at Donor Network of Arizona. Tamara began her career at Donor Network of Arizona in 2016 as a Donor Support Coordinator where she excelled in family conversations. Seeking more knowledge about the world of tissue banking and growth within her organization, Tamara started down a new path as the first Birth Tissue Coordinator in June of 2019. Since her time as the Birth Tissue Coordinator Tamara has become the face of Birth Tissue donation in the state, growing and maintaining hospital and physician relationships, providing education, developing a training curriculum, and performing all aspects of the Birth Tissue role.  Tamara hails from the Pacific Northwest and is a graduate of Boise State University. Originally intending to go to law school she sometimes wonders how she talked herself into the world of tissue banking but, finds the work too rewarding to look back now.

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