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​Victor Weedn, MD, JD

​Victor Weedn, MD, JD

Victor Weedn, MD, JD, is a forensic pathologist, attorney, Professor in the George Washington University Department of Forensic Sciences and past President of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. He has worked as a medical examiner, crime laboratory director, and academic. He founded the military’s DNA identification program, pioneered capillary electrophoretic DNA fragment separation, mitochondrial sequencing and microchip technology, and oversaw the Armed Forces Identification Laboratory (AFDIL), which identified Czar Nicholas II of Russia, the Branch Davidian victims, and later Michael Blassie, the Vietnam unknown of the Tomb of the Unknown. He has worked on mass graves in Iraq to develop evidence against Saddam Hussein. He holds a patent on latent fingerprint technology. He led the establishment of the current NAME accreditation program and participated in the establishment of clinical molecular pathology standards for the College of American Pathologists. He was recently detailed to DOJ as the Senior Forensic Advisor to Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. He testified before Congress in March on Forensic Science Reform. He is currently involved in the opioid crisis response.

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