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Our Four Tendencies - How We Manage Our Own and Others Expectations (Group)

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The Four Tendencies model, designed by Gretchen Rubin, divides us into four groups: Upholders, Obligers, Questioners, and Rebels. Understanding this framework will bring to light why you do certain things and why your team members either do, don’t do, or constantly question what is asked of them! This session explains the 4 Tendencies Model of how we manage expectations of ourselves and others and how leaders can determine where their people fall and how to manage them.

Diane Bickford

Diane Bickford has a master's degree in social work and has maintained her ASQ certification in Quality Management and Organizational Excellence since 2000. She received her Six Sigma Black Belt in 2010.  She has over 20 years of  quality management and operations experience in a variety of healthcare settings including adult MH/MR, skilled nursing facilities and children's psychiatric care. Diane received her training in Professional Coaching from Duquesne University and is certified through the International Coaches Federation.

Diane's leadership experience has been in both for and non-profit organizations. At the Center for Organ Recovery and Education, Diane oversees regulatory affairs, human resources/organizational development and all process improvement functions. Diane has developed and implemented quality management and process improvement programs throughout organizations. She has designed and presented numerous training courses to include: advanced level leadership training, communication skills, time management, team building, supervision, quality management and process improvement. Diane also functions as an internal professional coach. Diane is actively involved in several quality initiatives in the OPO community and is currently serving as member of the UNOS Operations & Safety Committee.


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